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1)     Bekish, AV; Prokhorevich, KN; Kulinkovich, OG  Transformation of esters into 2-substituted allyl halides via tertiary cyclopropanols: Application in the stereoselective synthesis of (2S,3S,7S)-3,7-dimethyl-2-pentadecyl acetate, the sex pheromone of the pine sawfly Neodiprion sertifer



2) Bekish, AV; Prokhorevich, KN; Pritytskaya, TS; Kulinkovich, OG Recent development of the cyclopropanol methodology for the preparation of methyl or methylene branched natural compounds POLISH JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 80 (4): 549-558 APR 2006


3)     Bekish, AV; Kulinkovich, OG   Differentiation between the ethoxycarbonyl groups in diethyl malate via their titanium-catalyzed reductive cyclopropanation with ethylmagnesium bromide and subsequent site-selective three-carbon ring cleavage   TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 46 (41): 6975-6978 OCT 10 2005



4)     Bekish, AV; Isakov, VE; Kulinkovich, OG   A cyclopropanol approach to the synthesis of the C13-C21 fragment of epothilones from diethyl (S)-malate  TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 46 (41): 6979-6981 OCT 10 2005        



5)      Kulinkovich, OG; Kozyrkov, YY; Bekish, AV; Matiushenkov, EA; Lysenko, IL  A convenient way for the conversion of carboxylic esters into 2-substituted allyl halides   SYNTHESIS, (10): 1713-1717 JUL 1 2005



6)     Bekish, AV; Prokhorevich, KN; Kulinkovich, OG    Transformation of esters into allyl halides via substituted cyclopropanols. Application in the synthesis of (2S,3R,7R/S)-3,7-dimethyltridec-2-yl acetate and propionate, sex attractants of pine sawfly Diprion pini   TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 45 (27): 5253-5255 JUN 28 2004


7)     Lysenko, IL; Bekish, AV; Kulinkovich, OG   Stereoelective conversion of ethyl pipecolinate into (+/-)-alpha- and (+/-)-beta-conhydrins           RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 38 (6): 875-879 JUN 2002.



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