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From the history of formation of the chair in the BSUNewNew
From the history of formation of the chair in the BSU
The Chair of Pedagogy was foundeded in the Pedagogical Faculty of the Belarussian State University in 1925. Many leading scientists from Moscow, Petrograd and other cities such as S.M.Rives, I. M.Soloviev, S.M.Vasileisky, V.N.Ivanovsky, P.Ja.Pankevich, etc. were invited for the assistance in the organisation and realisation of methodical and research activity of chair.
In 1932 on the basis of Pedagogical Faculty of the BSU Minsk Pedagogical Institute, in whose creation the lecturers of the Chair of Pedagogy took active part was organized.
In 1946 in the BSU the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology was founded. L.V. Shashkov was appointed the head of the chair. In 1964-1972 the Chair of Pedagogy of the BSU was headed by a corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, professor S.A.Umreiko who started the research into the history of school and education in Belarus. Then the heads of the chair in different periods were:
·      Professor M.U.Piskunov (1972-1988), fruitfully investigating the problems of labour and polytechnical education  in training and higher school pedagogy;
·      Associate professor V.N.Naumchik (1989-1994), developing the problems of didactics and particular techniques of teaching;
·              Professor A.P.Smantser (1994-1999) – a well-known scientist in the sphere of education, taking up the problems of continuity in training and education, perfection of training and retraining of pedagogical staff;
·              Since 1999 the chair has been headed by Doctor of Pedagogy, professor O.L.Zhuk who investigates the problems of modernization of higher, including pedagogical, education; perfection of the system of pedagogical training of students of classical university in the context of contemporary management of quality of education and creating scientific methodological maintenance (including that on the electronic basis) of the educational process in the higher school.
During existence of the chair the scientists and lecturers substantially contributed to the formation and development of the pedagogical science in the country, the national education system, research in the problems of teaching and education of youth, training of pedagogical cpecialists. A wide experience in working out the contents and scientific and methodical maintenance of professional pedagogical training of future teachers (lecturers) in a classical university is accumulated. In the seventies this allowed opening scientific pedagogical streams in a number of faculties of the BSU. In the 80-90s the lecturers of the Chair of Pedagogy solved the problems of continuity in training of pupils and students; the problems of substantiation and implementation of the concept of pedagogical education in a classical university; working out methodical maintenance of the educational process in educational institutions of a new type; substantiation of two-level system of professional training at higher school.
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