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Students' Self-Governing

Students’ Assembly of the Belarusian State University

Belarusian Republican Youth Union

Students’ Union

Students’ Union for Education Quality

Council of Group Leaders

Council of Communities

Coordination Council of Students’ Hostels Self-Governing

A distinctive feature of university education is students’ engagement in different types of socially significant activities, encouraging students' creativity and initiative in order to ensure self-realization, self-affirmation and socialization of young people in higher educational institutions.

The Belarusian State University has created conditions for complete realization of students’ leadership potential, increase their training level through active participation in public life which has its own traditions, its structure and attributes.

Creative and gifted students have all opportunities for self-realization –numerous studios, clubs and much more. Students are regular participants of traditional events at the Belarusian State University such as the Day of Knowledge, Day of First-Year Students, Mother's Day, BSU Foundation Day, Students’ Day, New Year's Day, Fatherland Defender’s Dat, the International Women's Day, Victory Day, Graduates’ Proms, etc.

For those who live in dormitories the Belarusian State University has created necessary conditions for recreation, various cultural and sports activities. Students have free access to numerous lounges, study rooms, sports rooms, equipped with the necessary equipment and supplies.

Public organizations, student self-government structures of the BSU actively participate in the implementation of youth, educational and social programs of the university, are engaged in secondary employment, leisure, social protection and initiate many interesting activities and initiatives.

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