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The International activity of the BSU is reach of events, foreign partners and forms of cooperation.


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Department of International Cooperation

Today our university has over 250 international agreements concluded with HEI’s and scientific institutes out of more than 50 countries of the world and that makes the BSU country’s leader in this field.

Among the BSU’s partners are leading European HEI’s, such as Bochum and Jena universities in Germany, university of Toulouse and Savoy in France, universities of Padua, Trento, Perugia in Italy, Barcelona, Granada and Saragosa universities in Spain universities of Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow in Poland, Charles and Karlow universities in Czech Republic, Vilnius and Latvian universities in Baltic states, and many others.

Relationships with scientific and educational establishments of the countries of South-Eastern Asia appear to be strategic. Today the BSU cooperates with 20 HEI’s of China, among them – Chinese university of international relations, Beijing university, Shanghai university, leading universities of Heyludzyan province – Harbin Polytechnic University and Harbin University of Science and Techniques. Big part of Chinese students are students who study at the Chinese partner-HEIs – Jilin institute of Russian Language, Chanchun Institute of International Commerce. Our university is proud to host the Confucius Institute, Chinese partner in this matter is Dalian polytechnic university. 

Cooperation with universities of Russian Federation rapidly extends. The big joint researches are being conducted with the United Institute of Nuclear Problems in Dubna. The BSU actively discovers the Russian market of advanced technologies: Russian Federation makes up more than a half of the export volume of the university’s R&D products which include scientific devices, equipment, new substances and materials created by the BSU research teams. In 2010 the Memorandum on cooperation between the BSU and the MSU in the field of space education and research was signed. The first concrete step towards this direction will be the creation and launching of the university scientific and educational micro-satellite designed jointly by the BSU and the MSU researchers.

Among the key Vietnam partners is the Vietnam National University, State Technical University named after Le Qui Don and the Hue University that is the BSU partner in preparing Vietnam students in the field of natural sciences. There are BSU’s partner HEIs in Korea and Japan, which have a close cooperation with the BSU in the sphere of student exchanges, common scientific researches etc.

In the region of the Middle East and Africa the BSU partners are Cairo University, University of UAE, in TurkeyAnkara University and Middle East Technical University, and many others.

In the Latin America the BSU cooperates with Buenos-Aires University of Argentina, Private Bolivian University, universities of Camaguey and Havana in Cuba, National Experimental University named after St. Rodriguez in Venezuela.

Annually more than 400 international guests visit the BSU as the international delegations that represent foreign diplomatic corpus in the Republic of Belarus, international organizations, foreign scientific and research establishments and HEIs, foreign enterprises and companies. Last year 105 international delegations out of more than 35 countries of the world visited the BSU. Among the honorable guests visited the BSU last year – President of Azerbaijan Ilham Heydar Oglu Aliyev, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, Ambassador José Manuel Pinto Teixeira, OSCE Secretary General, Ambassador Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, Vice-Governor of Heilongjiang province professor Sun Iao and many others.

A number of representative offices of foreign and international organizationa are established on the basis of our university. These are – the Informational Center of EU, Informational Point of the Council of Europe, Center for UN study.

International activity of our university is coordinated by the Department of International Cooperation.

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