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The maintenance of research excellence has been a very high priority and all our courses benefit from being taught in an active research environment. The scientific potential of BSU is impressive: 4 Scientific Research Institutes, 25 scientific centers, 115 research laboratories, 12 unitary enterprises, 3 research stations and a number of museums in the complex.

The BSU teams carries out different researches according to state programs of fundamental and applied investigations. In general the BSU performs almost 90% of the state programs of fundamental investigations and applied researches.

In 2009 were performed: 290 tasks of the 15 state complex programs of scientific researches, 3 state programs of fundamental investigations, 9 state programs oriented on fundamental investigations, 8 state programs of applied researches. In general BSU participates in the performance of 35 state programs of fundamental investigations and applied researches among 39 performed in Belarus. 

The university also prides itself on being actively involved in the world’s scientific and innovation initiatives. Annually university units carry out almost 100 international projects in the frameworks of such programs as INTAC, FP 5-7, ISTC, NATO, CERN, UNDP, ENPI, UNESCO, TEMPUS, Erasmus-Mundus, VISBY, and many others. BSU is the main executor of 8 state complex programs of scientific researches, 3 state programs of fundamental investigations and 4 state programs oriented on fundamental investigations.

In 2009 we have set up 134 units of new techniques, technology and materials. Besides, 78 products have been introduced into industry, 16 items of equipment and devices, 28 items of materials, substances and tools, 23 – of technological processes, 11 – of ASU, ABD and SAPR complexes included. 27 projects of the State Innovation Development Program are being performed during 2007-2010.

During the previous year the BSU science-technical products were presented at 29 international exhibitions in Belarus and abroad. As a result of the participation in such scientific innovation events in 2009 the university technological output has been awarded to the Special Prize of the Russian Federal Council on Science and Technology, to 4 gold and 2 silver medals and 4 special diplomas. 

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