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As of the end of 2013 Calls for Proposals held by international funds and institutions 15 new educational projects with BSU engaged to be implemented soon!

Thus, within the EU TEMPUS Program our University to benefit from 5 new projects. That’s the best result achieved by BSU during its participation in the Program. Some projects are designed to bring the learning process into line with European standards (“Applied Informatics in Science and Technology” (ACES), “Learning for Better Conflict Resolution as Approach to Secure Human Rights” (TRADIR), “New Model of Third-Level Technical Education in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine under the Bologna Process” (NETCENG)). Of a great interest is the project titled “Consortium for Advanced Training of Language Teachers” (CoMoLTE) which enhances professional development of BSU foreign language professors in line with European experience.

Current practices of BSU international activity to be renovated within the project “Promoting Internationalization of Universities in the EaP Countries via Cultural and Structural Changes” (PICASA), the University Internationalization Strategy to be developed. Moreover, a number of professors and staff of the Department of International Relations will take advanced training courses within the EU.

It should be noted that this year BSU to implement two projects within the Jean Monnet Programme funded by the EU. To conduct interdisciplinary studies on European regional integration, to enhance knowledge and advance education quality the Research Center on European Law and European Integration is created within the Project “Development of European Law and European Studies Researches”. Another project funded by the Jean Monnet Programme schedules the International Conference “European Union and Belarus: towards convergence for a better future”.

Some new BSU projects are aimed to engage foreign professors for lecturing in BSU (the project “Investment Climate of the Republic of Belarus” raised funds from the DAAD, the project “European Integration Experience for Post-soviet Integration” won Visegrad Fund grant). International seminars and short-term trainings “EU Experience in Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes in National Weather Forecast Systems” and “Your Turn” to be held within the TAIEX and Youth in Action Programs.

Supported by UNESCO from 2013 BSU implements the project “Involvement of Student Community in Preservation of Cultural Heritage to Promote World Culture and Sustainable Development”. Within the project the Database of Youth (Students) Tourist Projects to be created to facilitate search and implementation of such projects.

The Council of Europe Information Point hosted by BSU also to continue its activities as approved by an international donor.
It’s to be mentioned that in 2013 BSU being a part of international universities consortiums raised funds for implementation of two projects within the Erasmus Mundus Program: HERMES – “Humanities Education Revitalized via Mundus ExperienceS” and HUMERIA – “HUManities, Education, Research, International relations and Arts between EU and ENPI HEIs”. Grants within the projects are aimed to enhance students, post-doc and staff mobility in Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, the Netherlands and Estonia. Moreover, the projects give to BSU an opportunity to engage foreign researchers and professors without raising its own funds.
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