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Tuesday, February 28, 2012Archive...

Two new agreements with educational and research institutions of Japan were signed in February this year.

 The first was an agreement with the “Tokyo Instruments, Inc.”. The company’s top management visited the BSU on the 21nd of February and met with the BSU administration. During the meeting parties discussed possibilities of joint cooperation. As a result parties reached to the decision to conclude an agreement aimed at promoting joint research and advanced training of specialists in the sphere of nano-sized systems, nano-materials as well as nano- and biotechnology.

Such agreement was signed at the same day in the Tapestry Hall of the Rectors Office by the Rector of the BSU Sergey Ablameyko, president of «Tokyo Instruments, Inc.» Shoji Suruga and director of Belarusian company LOTIS Ltd. (Lasers - Optics - Technology and Systems) Vladimir Kononov.

It’s worth to be mentioned that both companies - Tokyo Instruments Inc. and LOTIS Ltd. are well-known designers of the modern research equipment. For example, they has jointly designed a unique spectrum-analytical complex which enable researchers to carry out spectral and luminescent analysis of nano- and micro structures. This unique complex was purchased by the BSU last year in order to equip a recently created research unit at the BSU – Research and Educational Center on nano-materials and technologies.

This Center will undertake a general coordination of advanced training of specialists and carrying out scientific research in the field of nano-materials, nano- and biotechnologies in accordance with the singed agreement.

Another agreement – An agreement on Academic Exchanges between the BSU and Fukushima University was signed on the 27th of February.

This agreement foresees an educational and scientific exchanges which are planned to organize on reciprocal basis. Parties has also signed an Appendix to the Agreement which specifies the following conditions of academic exchanges: number of participants (two students per year from each university), fields of study, requirements for candidates, selecting procedure, financial obligations of parties (the principle of tuition fee waiver is applied for exchange students), period of enrollment and academic recognition.

We all hope that this agreement will scientifically increase academic exchanges with Japan.
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