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Friday, September 29, 2017Archive...

Rector of the BSU Andrey Dmitrievich Korol has been introduced to the staff of the Belarusian State University. The solemn ceremony was held on September 29th 2017 at the meeting of the Council of the Belarusian State University with participation of Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vasiliy Zharko and Minister of Education of Belarus Igor Karpenko.
Vice Prime Minister Vasiliy Zharko underlined that the new rector is to face challenging tasks to preserve the status of BSU as the leading university in Belarus, and a huge work to improve the quality of the level of preparation of students, their upbringing as true patriots of their country. Among the directions there is motivation of young professionals for pedagogical and scientific activity, improvement of the material and technical base of educational buildings, research laboratories. At the same time Vasiliy Zharko underlined that success of the goals set is possible only with an open honest dialogue and collegial interaction of the rector and the staff of the BSU.
In his address to the staff of the Belarusian State University Andrey Korol noted that the university will be administered in accordance with the tasks set by the head of the state as well as on the basis of the BSU experience accumulated over decades.
Rector of the Belarusian State University Andrey Korol thanked his predecessor Academician Sergey Ablameyko and expressed his gratitude to him for a high level of managerial work at the BSU and long-term fruitful cooperation between the BSU and Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala.

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