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Department of Pedagogics
About the Unit

Date of Foundation  1925
Staff  17, including 3 professors and 9 associate professors
Historic Reference
The Chair of Pedagogy was foundeded in the Pedagogical Faculty of the Belarussian State University in 1925. Many leading scientists from Moscow, Petrograd and other cities such as S.M.Rives, I. M.Soloviev, S.M.Vasileisky, V.N.Ivanovsky, P.Ja.Pankevich, etc. were invited for the assistance in the organisation and realisation of methodical and research activity of chair.
In 1932 on the basis of Pedagogical Faculty of the BSU Minsk Pedagogical Institute, in whose creation the lecturers of the Chair of Pedagogy took active part was organized.

In 1946 in the BSU the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology was founded. L.V. Shashkov was appointed the head of the chair. In 1964-1972 the Chair of Pedagogy of the BSU was headed by a corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, professor S.A.Umreiko who started the research into the history of school and education in Belarus. Then the heads of the chair in different periods were:

  • Professor M.U.Piskunov (1972-1988), fruitfully investigating the problems of labour and polytechnical education  in training and higher school pedagogy;
  • Associate professor V.N.Naumchik (1989-1994), developing the problems of didactics and particular techniques of teaching;
  • Professor A.P.Smantser (1994-1999) – a well-known scientist in the sphere of education, taking up the problems of continuity in training and education, perfection of training and retraining of pedagogical staff;
Since 1999 the chair has been headed by Doctor of Pedagogy, professor O.L.Zhuk who investigates the problems of modernization of higher, including pedagogical, education; perfection of the system of pedagogical training of students of classical university in the context of contemporary management of quality of education and competence approach; questions of education of studying youth, innovative pedagogical activity.
In 1996 the Chair of Pedagogy was renamed into The Chair of Pedagogy and Problems of Education Development.
Scientific Areas
The basic directions of research activity of the Chair of Pedagogy and Problems of Education Development of the BSU in the last decade are connected with perfection of theory and practice of higher professional training and substantiation of conditions and mechanisms of increasing its quality according to world tendencies.

The basic scientific problems developed by the chair since 2006 are revealing the laws of development of  higher (including pedagogical) education, substantiation of psychological and pedagogical bases of informatization of higher education, research of pedagogical training of students of all specializations as a factor of person-oriented professional development of future experts and improvement of university education quality.

Academic Disciplines
"Pedagogy", “Basis of Psychology and Pedagogy” (the part "Basis of Pedagogy”), “History of Pedagogy”, “Pedagogy and Modern Educational Technologies”, “Pedagogy in Higher Educational Establishments”, “Age Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Pedagogy and Psychology for Higher School” (the part “Pedagogy for Higher School”).

Elective courses: "Pedagogy", “Pedagogical Technologies in the Modern Theory and Practice of Education”, “Theory and Practice of Education under Contemporary Conditions”, “Methodology and Methods of Pedagogical Research”, “Culture of Pedagogical Dialogue”, “Family Pedagogy”, “Psychology of Education”, “Sociology of ducation”, “Philosophy of Education”.

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