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Programs Offered

 Faculty offers programs of study leading to the Diploma of Higher Education, Master Degree, PhD Degree.


The following specialities and specializations are available for Higher Education Program:

·         Geography (areas - research and educational activities, geographic information systems (GIS), hydrometeorology, aerospacecartography)


·         Ecology


 ·         Geology and Mineral Exploration.



See specilities available for Master Degree and PhD Degree study programs.

 The Programs of the University Course for Master Students:

1. GIS-Analysis and Modeling.

2. GIS-Mapping of Land Belarusian Experience.

3. GIS-technologies for Land Administration.

4. Geographical expert systems on the base of the integrations ArcGIS 9 and Erdas Imagine.

5. Landscape Planning and Environmental Applications.

6. Soil Science and Land Resourses.

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