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General Information

The Faculty of Geography at the Belarusian State University was founded in 1934. Over the years of its existence more than 8 000 specialists have been trained here. Among them there are 30 Doctors of Science (ScD) and 150 Candidates of Science (PhD). At present, more than 1000 undergraduate students and 30 graduates and postgraduates study at the Faculty.

9 reasons to enter the Faculty:

  1. Fundamental, one of the oldest BSU faculties with its rich history and traditions.
  2. The country’s unique educational and scientific centre for training specialists in the sphere of geoinformatics, space aerial cartography, geodemography, hydrometeorology, geographical ecology; the major centre for training geographers and geologists.
  3. Participating in the most prestigious projects of the state (compiling the National Atlas of Belarus, conducting an in-depth analysis of the population census data, presenting solid grounds for the location of major engineering facilities, designing geoportals etc).
  4. Cooperating with leading scientific, educational and manufacturing organizations in Belarus and abroad.
  5. Arranging classes on the base of unique objects (geographical station, conservatory, the country’s unique Museum of Earth Science with the richest mineralogical and petralogical collections in the country, a section of mammoth fauna etc), 6 computer classes with specialized geoinformatical equipment etc.
  6. The faculty’s student research GIS-laboratory has been acknowledged as the best one for five years.
  7. Breathtaking field training practices, practical training on the base of major enterprises and companies of the Republic of Belarus, foreign grants and training.
  8. Designing more than 100 research projects a year (including various science-based services) – the results are introduced into industries involving outstanding students.
  9. All facilities have been created to develop critical and creative thinking of students, to master geography means to discover the Earth mysteries, to create your own map of the world!

Spesialities: The Faculty trains specialists in: Geography (areas - research and educational activities, geographic information systems (GIS)); Ecology; Geology and Mineral Exploration; Hydrometeorology; Aerospacecartography.

Staff: 130 professionals are engaged in the academic process. Among them there are 16 Doctors of Science, 44 Candidates of Science (PhD).

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