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Juriy G. Chernyak

Juriy G. ChernyakJuriy G. Chernyak

Candidate of Sociology, Associate professor


Juriy Chernyak was born on Januar 13th, 1978 in Minsk. In 2000 graduated with honours from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Studies of BSU. He worked at the Department of Philosophy and Law of the Belarusian State Technological University (2002-2003). In 2000 he became an Applicant for the Sociology Department of BSU, in 2003 - a lecturer and in 2006 - senior lecturer of the Sociology Department. In 2007 he defended a candidates' thesis "Social Risks of the Young People of the Republic of Belarus: Sociological Analysis". Since 2008 he's been working as an associate professor at the Sociology department and in 2010 he was given the rank of associate professor.

Sphere of scientific interests: methodology and methods of sociological researches, marketing, social risks of youth, problems of management in the sphere of social risks, social deviation.

He is an author of more than 20 scientific publications.

He is giving such courses:

• Methodology and methods of sociological researches: qualitative analysis of sociological data.

• Sociology of youth

• Sociology of labour

• Basis of social risks management

• General sociology

Major works:

1. Chernyak J.G. Strategies of the research of risk-aspects among youth / J.G. Chernyak// Problems of management. - 2006. № 4. - p.134-138

2. Chernyak J.G. Methodological aspects of the social risks analysis // J.G. Chernyak // Philosophy and social sciences. - 2007. - №1. - p. 39-42

3. Youth against AIDS. Information articles // Christian Child Fund Representative in the Republic of Belarus. - Minsk, 2007. - 52

4. Chernyak J.G. Social risks among youth and its consequences / J.G. Chernyak // Sociology. - 2008. - № 3. - p. 100-107

5. Chernyak J.G. Middle Class / J.G. Chernyak // Encyclopaedia for schoolchildren and students. In 12 V. V 1. Information-oriented society. XX c. // under the editorship of V.I. Strazhev. - Minsk, 2009. - p.502

6. Chernyak J.G. Social Risks of the Youth / J.G. Chernyak. - Minsl: Law and economic. 2009. - 160p.

7. Factors, contributing to venturesome behaviour of men, who have sex with men. The report on sociological survey results. / Burak T.V. // RYA "Vstretscha". - Minsk, 2010. - 64p.

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