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Evgeniya A. Kechina

Evgeniya A. Kechina

Evgeniya A. Kechina

Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor

Doctor of Sociological Sciences (2009), associate professor, sociology department professor (2009). Sociologist, specialist in the sphere of methodology and methods of sociological researches, statistical methods of data handling, social and economical statistics. She is a participant of national and international research projects on problems of HIV-infection prevention and drugconsumption in Belarus, issues of behavioral characteristics of risk groups. She is a developer of national system of monitoring and situation assessment of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus.

She graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Belarusian State University, mathematics speciality. She has been lecturing at sociology department since 1991. She is an author of more than 80 publications (research monographs, articles, teaching and methodical publications and encyclopaedias, a joint author of teaching aids and collective monographs).

Major works:

1. Sociology and statistics: methodology of interaction and elaboration. Minsk 2008

2. The survey report on women, rendering sexual services on highways and drivers of distant following. Minsk, 2008

3. Monitoring and situation assessment of HIV/AIDS: methodical manual (co-author with S.I. Brutskaya, O.M. Zhdanovskaya, N.A. Elsukova, L.A. Meleshko, N.A. Korzhaeva, M.I. Rimzha). Minsk 2006

4. Sociology and statistics interaction at the stage of its forming as social sciences. 2008

5. Application of statistics data in the process of sociological survey programming. Kharkov, 2008.

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