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Dmitry K. Beznyuk

Dmitry K. BeznyukDmitry K. Beznyuk
Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor


Doctor of Sociological Sciences (2006), sociology department professor (2007). Sociologist, expert in religious studies. Specialist in sociology of religion and sociology of management.

He was born on July 2nd, 1970 in Minsk. He graduated from the Philosophy Department of the Philosophy and Economics faculty of the Belarusian State University. (1993)

He has been working at Sociology Department BSU since 1995, as an associate professor (1998), and as a professor (2007).

He defended a candidate's dissertation "Methodological Foundation of the Sociology of Power" (1997) and a doctor dissertation "Social Dynamics of State and Church Relations: sociological analysis" (2006).

Sphere of scientific interests:

problems of mutual relations of the state and religion, problems of modern status of the religion sphere, technologies and methods of social management.

He is an author of 120 research works, teaching and methodical publications (including three monographs)

Major works:

1. The Power: Methodological Foundation of Sociological Analysis. Minsk 1998.

2. Introduction to the Sociology of Religion: Monograph. - Belgrade 2004 (in Serbian language)

3. State-Confessional Relations in the Republic of Belarus. Minsk, 2006.

4. Religious Situation in Belarus// East European Researches. 2007

5. Ecumenism // Religion. 2004. (in Serbian language).

6. Religion and Social Management: Opportunities in Modern Situation, 2005.

7. Religion as a Factor of Modern Management, 2005. (in Serbian language).

8. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of the State and Religion Mutual Relations Analysis, 2006

9. The Basic Foundation of Administrative Consultation: plan of special course and lectures abstract, Minsk 2001

10. The Foundations of the Sociology of Religion: for students of higher education institutes with humanitarian specialization.

11. Sociology of Religion, Minsk 2009


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