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Leonid A. Gutsalenko

Leonid A. GutsalenkoLeonid A. Gutsalenko

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

He is Doctor of Philosophy (1993), Professor (1995). Journalist, philosopher, sociologist. Specialist in Philosophical Anthropology, Sociology of Personality.

He was born on July 10, 1931 in village Yurpol of Mankovo district, Tcherkassy Region. He graduated from Journalistic Division of the Faculty of Philology of the Belarusian State University (1955). He worked as executive editor of the newspaper of Sopotskino district (1955-1958), deputy editor of newspaper of Mosty district of Grodno Region (1958-1959), copy editor of regional newspaper Grodno Pravda (1959-1963), editor of media bureau BELTA (1963-1968), head of editorship of BELTA (1968-1970).

He is postgraduate student of the Institute of Philosophy and Right of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR. He worked as lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Belarusian State University (1971-1991), research associate of the sector of Applied Sociology of the Department of Philosophy (1972-1978). He has been assistant Professor, Professor of Social Sciences Department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (since 1991), Deputy Dean for scientific work (1992-1995).

He is the member of Council for Defending Thesis of the Belarusian State University. He prepared five candidates of sciences, including two foreigners.

He is prize winner of the award named after V.I. Picheta of the Belarusian State University in 2009.

He studies issues of social and personal ideals, universal and value-defining essence of a man, social technologies, social centaurism, dialectics of interaction of freedom, rights and obligations of a person. He established a new specialized branch of social knowledge Sociology of Competition. Innovative exploratory character of creativity, which is very characteristic of this researcher, was revealed in his monograph dedicated to the topic. First of all, one should underline the ability to perform resultative survey of complex, created by life itself, sociological problems. In fact, the author was the first in the world of sociological thought to propose and justify original and integral theory of competition as a separate science discipline. Its major blocks have been formulated: object, subject, functions, categories, etc. It studies specific competition-forming qualities, advantages, ways of interaction of individual and group subjects, social factors of their establishment and success in the process of competing and collaborating.

Demand for such a branch of sociological knowledge is especially evident in the situation of evolvement of societies with very different competitive potential into globalizing interactions. Theoretical polyhistory and diversity of practical application of its conceptual provisions are praised in one of reviews to the book.

A monograph by L.A. Gutsalenko Man as Measure of Good and Evil was published a year after (2008); though it is dedicated to "eternal question", it is no less innovative. Only after twenty-five centuries from the moment of declaration by the genius Greek - Protagoras - of the thesis "man is the measure of all things" the Belarusian scientist has put and to some extent solved the question: why does the major subject of "social construction of reality" (P. Berger) alongside with positive things often create negative ones? Relevance and meaning of this question, among other things, lies in the danger that the scope of the latter/antivalues/ threatens to overweigh the scope of the former ones/values/.

Author of more than 200 scientific works.

Major works:

1. Dialectics of Embodiment of the Beautiful. Minsk, 1973. 184 p.

2. Universal Development of a Man: Background and Prospective. Minsk, 1988. 208 p.

3. Philosophy: Teaching and Methodical Aid (collaboration work). Minsk, 2004. 612 p.

4. Sociology: Methodology of Branch and Operational Research (collaboration work). Minsk, 2005. 200 p.

5. Sociology of Competition. Minsk, 2007. 236 p.

6. Man as Measure of Good and Evil. Minsk, 2008. 546 p. (USA, 2009).

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