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Albert N. Elsukov

Albert N. Elsukov

Albert N. Elsukov

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Doctor of Philosophy (1985), Professor (1988). Sociologist, Philosopher. Specialist in history and methodology of scientific knowledge, basics of Social Science.

He was born on December 9, 1936 in Arkhangelsk. In 1963 he graduated from History Department of the Belarusian State University named after V.I. Lenin, in 1969 - from postgraduate course of Department of Philosophy of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov where he prepared and defended his candidate's thesis Problem of Explanation in Social and Historic Research.

Since 1973 he worked as lecturer in the Belarusian State University. In 1985 he defended his doctor's thesis Methodological Issues of Forming a Scientific Fact, after that in 1988 pursuant to the Decision of the State Committee of the USSR on public education he was awarded an academic title of Professor at the Department of Philosophy. In the same year he was appointed to the post of Head of the Department of Marxist-Leninist philosophy of Natural Science faculties of the Belarusian State University.

In 1989 the first in Belarus Faculty of Philosophy and Economy with Divisions of Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology was opened; A.N. Elsukov was appointed (and later - elected) as its Dean. The Faculty included General Philosophy Departments, such as that of Philosophy, Economy, Political Science, Psychology; and Social Sciences Department (in fact, it the first department in this very specialty both in the university and in Belarus) was opened alongside with opening of the new faculty. Professor A.N. Elsukov was elected as the Head of the Department, he headed the department until 2003.

He is member of Higher Advisory Committee of the Belarusian Social Association Sociological Society, member of international editorial council of scientific and theoretical journal Sociology, member of editorial board of the journal Humanitarian and Economic Herald, member of the State Commission on Licensing of Sociological Research. He was awarded a medal Veteran of Labor, mark of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus Honorable Person of Education of the Republic of Belarus, awarded honorary certificates and prizes of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University and a number of other public organizations. He is also prize winner of the award named after V.I. Picheta of the Belarusian State University in 2009.

Major works:

1. Methods of Scientific Cognition. Moscow, 1974, 152 p. (collaboration work with V.S. Stepin);

2. Empiric Cognition and Scientific Facts. Minsk, 1984, 88 p.

3. Cognition and Myth. Minsk, 1984, 154 p.

4. Theory and Experiment. Minsk, 1989, 111 p. (collaboration work with V.Y. Vorobyov);

5. History of Sociology: Teaching Aid. Minsk, 1993, 1997, 380 p. (editor-in-chief, author and co-author);

6. Sociology: Teaching Aid. Minsk, 1998, 5th version 2004, 542 p. (editor-in-chief, author and co-author);

7. Short Course on Theoretical Sociology: Teaching Aid, Minsk, 1999, 127 p.

8. Sociology: Learning and Methodic Complex on Higher Education Establishment Course on General Sociology. Minsk, 2001, 196 p.

9. Methods of Teaching Sociology in High School: Teaching Aid. Minsk, 2003, 237 p.

10. Sociology in the Belarusian State University: History, Facts, Documents. Minsk, 2006, 144 p. (collaboration work with A.N. Danilov, D.G. Rotman);

11. Sociology. Short Course: Teaching Aid. Minsk, 2009, 3rd version, 128 p.

12. Basics of Sociology for Secondary Schools. Minsk, 2009, 145 p.

13. Philosophy of Love, Life, and Death in Aphorisms and Verses. Minsk, 2009, 127 p.

14. Background of Sociology. Minsk, 2009, 208 p. (collaboration work with A.N. Danilov); and other.

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