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Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science


Address:   Kalvaryiskaia str. 9,  220004,  Minsk, Belarus

Telephone:      +375-17-2597404

Fax:      +375-17-2597047




Philosophy and Social Studies Faculty was founded in September 1989. Leading Belarusian specialists in social sciences and humanities provides the training.


Staff:      20 Professors, about 60 Associate Professors,  about 1000 Students and above 80 Post-Graduate Students



·                   Philosophy

Qualification - Philosopher.Teacher of Philosophy and Social-Humanitarian Subjects


·                   Sociology

Qualification - Sociologist. Teacher of Sociology and Social-Political Subjects


·                   Psychology

Qualification - Psychologist. Teacher of Psychology


·                   Information and Communication

Qualification - Specialist for Social Technologies and Teacher of Social-Political Subjects



·                   Philosophy and Methodology of Science

·                   Philosophy of Culture

·                   Sociology

·                   Psychology

·                   Social Communication


Basic Courses

Philosophy; History of Philosophy; History and Theory of Culture; Cultural Studies; Religious Studies; Ethics; Aesthetics; Sociology; History of Sociology; Psychology;  Social Psychology; History of Psychology; Communication Theory; History of Communication Sciences; Belarusian History and Ethnology; Political Science; Political History; Principles of Jurisprudence; Economic Theory; World Literature; Pedagogy and Modern Educational Technologies; Logic and Communication; Rhetoric; Principles of Ecology; Computer Science and Programming; Classical Languages; Foreign Languages


Special Courses

History of Russian Philosophy; Modern Western Philosophy; Social Science; Philosophical Anthropology; Philosophy of Culture; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophical Problems of Mathematics and Computer Science; Philosophical Problems of Physics; Philosophical Problems of Chemistry and Biology; Philosophical Problems of Technology; Philosophical Problems of Cognition in Social Sciences and Hu­manities; Theoretical Sociology; Methodology and Methods of Sociology Research; Social and Economic Statistics; Applied Statistics in Sociology; Sociology of Management; Sociology of Politics; Sociology of Culture, Education, Science; Mathematical Methods in Psychology; Psychological Principles of Human Behavior; Medical Psychology; Age Psychology; Psychological Diagnostics; Somatic Psychology; Conflict Resolution; Information and Computer Technologies; Information Networks and Systems; International Communication; Political Communication; Semiology; Semiotics of Culture; Art Criticism; History and Theory of Music; History and Theory of Theatre and Cinema; History and Theory of Architecture; Modern Cultural Anthropology; Hermeneutics of Culture Language


Major Trends of Research

·         Philosophical Problems of Science, Culture and Education at Contemporary Stage of Civilization Dynamics

·         Ecological Traditions and Dialogue of Cultures

·         History of Philosophical Ideas and Language of Modern Culture

·         Methodology and History of Modern Culture

·         Applied Sociological Research and Contemporary Social Technologies

·         The Problem of Scientific and Methodological Basis for Modern Psychological Education

·         Social Communication as a Factor of Information Society Devel­opment