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Faculty of Law




The history of the faculty started on the day Belarusian State University (BSU) was founded. It was in 1921 that the Department of Law attached to the Faculty of Social Sciences opened its doors.

In 1925 this department became the Faculty of Law and Economics which was later reorganized into the Faculty of Soviet Construction and Law.

In 1931 the faculty stopped being part of the university and became the Institute of Soviet Construction and Law under the direct supervision of the Central Executive Committee of the BSSR.

A year later (in 1932) it was renamed Belorussian State Law Institute and went under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice of the BSSR.

In 1954 Belorussian State Law Institute was closed. Its facilities were later used to open the Faculty of Law at BSU.

Teaching staff
Our teaching staff of 213 persons includes 20 Doctors of Laws and 131 Candidates of Laws, 21 Professors and 97 Associate Professors, all working in the frontiers of knowledge in their areas of expertise. Students are taught in a research environment and benefit from interaction with well-known theoreticians, experienced practicing lawyers and representatives of the highest state bodies. Many faculty members received honorary awards and titles for their significant scientific and academic contribution.

Faculty today
The faculty is headed by Professor Dr. Sergey Balashenko.

We provide high-quality teaching to more than 3,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from all regions of Belarus and other countries. The faculty has 3 departments of undergraduate study, allowing students to study and get a degree in Jurisprudence, Economic Law or Political Science.

Students are expected to choose one of 10 specialties focusing them on their future areas of practice.

The main subjects taught at the faculty are General Theory of Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Correctional Law, Labour Law, Finance Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Environmental Law, International Public Law, International Private Law, Criminalistics, etc.

Students are given vocational training during seminars, sandwich courses and in the law clinic where they offer free legal advice to members of the public.

The faculty is committed to providing students with modern and well-equipped facilities to ensure a first-class environment in which to study and do research. It offers a wide range of study groups, holds students’ scientific conferences and research paper contests and has a functioning students’ research laboratory. Students preparing for tests and examinations can surf the faculty site for a range of course materials and learning resources. This site has been officially recognized as the most popular “Science and Education” site in Belarus. The faculty library has a stock of 200,000 volumes including rare editions. The Day of the Faculty is celebrated annually. The Law Museum organizes and supports activities of the historical and patriotic center "Pamyat’".

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Faculty of Law offers the following educational programs:


Scientific Activity

·       Forming of  Social  Rule-of-Law State and Law Civil Society

·       Provision of Human Rights and Freedoms

·       System of Legal Guarantees of Economic Freedom and Corporation Activities in the Conditions of Market Relations

·       Legal Forms, Levels and Means of Realization of Social Responsibility



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