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Faculty of Chemistry


The Faculty of Chemistry was opened in 1931 on the foundation of the Organic-Inorganic Chemistry Departments of the Pedagogical and Medical Faculties. The Faculty works in close contact with the Scientific Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Problems, which originally stemmed from the Faculty itself, but later separated in 1978. Many students successfully accomplish their course work and dissertations thanks to the support of the Institute.

Staff:     3 Members of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, 23 Professors, 55 docents and 20 researches among faculty members, more 40 Assistant Professors, 50 Post-Graduate Students and 500 Students

Faculty offers programs of study leading to the Diploma of Higher Education, Master Degree, PhD Degree.
The following specialities and specializations are available for Higher Education Program:



·         Chemistry (field  – research activity)
Qualification:   Chemist. Researcher
·         Chemistry (field  – science and teaching methods)
Qualification:  Chemist. Teacher of chemistry
·         Chemistry (field  – nature protection)
Qualification:   Chemist. Ecologist
·         Chemistry (field  – pharmaceutical chemistry)
Qualification:   Chemist. Chemist-Pharmacist
 Specialization:  Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Physical Chemistry;  Chemistry of Solids and Semi-Conductors; Chemistry of Higher Molecular Compounds; Pharmaceutical Chemistry

 Basic and Special Courses

Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Chemistry of High Molecular Compounds; Colloidal Chemistry; Chemical Technology; Methods of Chemistry Teaching; Crystal Chemistry;

Chemistry of Solid; Physical and Chemical Analytical Methods; Electrochemistry; Photoelectrochemistry; Chemical Thermodynamics and Energy Technology; Chemical Ecology; Chemistry of Medical Compounds; Biochemistry; Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry; Substance Structure; Physical Methods of Research; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Medical Technology; Methods in Controlling Medicinal Preparations; Fundamental Pharmacology; Free Radicals in Chemistry, Biology, Medicine; Radiochemistry; Eco-Chemistry; Radio-Biology; Basis of Wasteless Industries; Methodology, Experimental Selection and Experimental Preparation in Analysis of Environmental Objects; Chemistry of High Energies; Stereo-Chemistry; Methods of Organic Synthesis




Scientific Activity

·         The Chemistry of Solids

·         Photo-Chemistry and the Photographic Chemistry Processes

·         Physics and Chemistry of Cellulose and Other Polymeric Materials. The Creation of Medicinal Preparations Based on Cellulose, Effective Membranes, Non-Combustible Polymers Methods of Obtaining Polymers

·         Physics and Chemistry of Condensed Systems. Exposure of New Formation Regularities and Characteristics of Combustible Systems with Regulated Dispersiveness. Synthesis of Fire-Retardant Materials and Combustion Activators

·         Thermodynamics of Organic Compounds. Elaboration on the Scientific Basis of Prognosis on Thermodynamically Characteristics of Organic Substances and Creation of New Energy Resources

·         Extraction and Ionometricity. The Creation of Mathematical Models on the Extraction of Ion Associates, New Extraction Systems and Ionoselective Technology Electrodes

·         Delicate Organic Synthesis. Reactions of Unsaturated Compounds and Compounds of a Number of Azoles, Chemical Conversions of Heterocyclic Systems, Quantum and Chemical Modeling of Physical and Chemical Processes

·         Radiation Chemistry, Chemistry of Free Radicals and Radionucleoids

·         Directed Synthesis of Bioactive Substances

·         Elaboration of Effective Study Methods and Control over Students’ Knowledge

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+ 375 17 209 52 53,  209 51 74


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