Wissenschaftlich-technische Produktion

The BSU is an integral complex consisting of academic, research, production, social and cultural, administrative, auxiliary and other units.

Its’ production base consists of 12 unitary scientific-productional enterprises, among them are the following: Unitehprom BSU (Small-scale chemical and equipment production of various purpose); Unihimprom BSU (Development of the technology of disel biofuel production from vegetable oils and other accompanying products); Unidragmet BSU (treatment of man-caused waste containing precious and non-ferrous metals treatment); Adamas BSU (Production of diamond monocrystals and instruments made of them); Engineering department of the BSU (Production of computers, traffic controllers and systems of traffic control, software&hardware for medical experts); Active BSU (production of training devices for physical experiment, vacuum engineering and forage additives; Sand BSU (production of tests systems for drug detection).

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The BSU Production complex develops more than 1000 Hi-tech products including Hardware-software complexes, devices and equipment (Hardware-software, Control instrumentation, Medical devices, High-end devices and integrated circuits, Training devices, equipment and systems), Equipment and instrument, Substances and materials (Industrial substances, Protective substances and materials, Medical substances and reagents, Biopreparations), Technologies (Biotechnologies, Industrial technologies, Information high-end technologies, Information training technologies) and many others.